The delusion of an “unsettled science” and pushing the hubris that we can do anything

This from Climate Progress: Obama Is ‘Delusional’ For Saying Climate Change Is A Major National Security Threat, Fiorina Says The delusion is what she has apparently accepted; the delusion that Climate Science is some sort of political conspiracy by liberals to redistribute the wealth and destroy that most wonderful of discoveries: that fossil fuels will save us a lot of Continue Reading

What’s up with the UMC on this weekend before the Climate Summit in Paris?

I’d like an update from UMNS (United Methodist News Service) on the article from about 6 weeks ago, looking forward to the Paris Climate ( #COP21 ) talks ( Yesterday and today, there were marches held to call to account the Paris COP21 meetings to hear the world’s people and resist the accomodation of corporations and the Fossil Fuel industry. Continue Reading

Help me with Custom Post Types, WordPress! Please!

I realize that any given plugin are not “RESPONSIBLE” for problems that derive from what is really WordPress core.  I posted here and in CPT UI only because I knew a key person in the CPT UI team, and they put me in touch with one of the other key people there.  That’s a great plugin, BTW.  Been using it Continue Reading

The “lifted people out of poverty” rationalization

from “From Nature to Creation (The Church and Postmodern Culture): A Christian Vision for Understanding and Loving Our World” by Norman Wirzba – “The argument that we are doing poor people a favor by providing them cheap food loses its luster when we acknowledge that it is precisely the poor around the world who bear a disproportionate share of the Continue Reading

The ones who are threatened by the #PeoplesClimate movement

from “For Our Common Home: Process-Relational Responses to Laudate si’ (Toward Ecological Civilization Book 7)” by John B Cobb Jr, Ignacio Castuera “Diverse movements will be empowered by the encyclical. The only ones who are threatened are those who would like to continue their effort to establish their empire over the entire planet and the earth’s resources, privatizing the commons, Continue Reading