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Naming the Powers in an ecologically endandered world

May 21, 2015 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

Christians supposedly have had practice in embodying via lifestyle what they preach, but also do not forsake the message for all…I think its a false choice to say “don’t scare people with dire descriptions of the climate crisis but show them what can be done”. We must do both, but I have a better word than “scare”…the message is indeed ” apocalyptic” , because apocalypse means “unveiling”… To pull back the veil and “name the powers” is to unveil an avenue for People’s movements on behalf of the health and well-being of our world (and everything and everyone in it)….the act of a vast majority to say no to an elite powerful few is a big part of “what we can do”.  To be a participant in this is also empowering and encourages; meaning a ” resource for courage”. It has become just that in “Christian America”; to be counted amongst those deeply concerned about life in its totality, which requires a global reaching justice which no longer ” externalizes” costs to climate. We can no longer do this because the interconnectedness of life renders this false. On a finite planet, these costs , like the greenhouse gas that constitute the cause of many of those externals, is trapped with us on a shared planet. They really aren’t external at all.

To my theology/church friends: I want to know what you think of my previous blog post

May 12, 2015 By: Dale Lature G+ Category: ecotheology, Occupy Theology, People's Climate, Theoblogical

Meaning this one,  here

Theology is ultimately a dialogue,  not just musings of an individual.  But even that is to simplify the matter,  since these “individual musings” have been forged in an ongoing theological dialogue over some 30 years of my experience in seriously contemplating and living theology,  and being formed by numerous individuals and communities,  each of them having been formed in their own journeys and communities.

The “Amusing” Social Web

April 17, 2015 By: Dale Lature G+ Category: Theoblogical

One of those days when I am looking back over 20 years of “Web” and grieving the loss of the sense of aliveness for dialogue. Today, we get “Likes”. I don’t begrudge them at all when I get them, but sometimes they serve to accentuate how we rarely go beyond those and into conversation. I REALLY thought that over a 20 year time span, that we would have expanded conversations into and through all advances in technology. Now we have video chat, Facebook, Blogs, Google Hangout, Smartphones, etc. But we spend our time on those devices and services exchanging safe , vanilla interests, non-threatening surface things. On a day like today, I am disturbed by the expansion of the everyday distances we keep from one another into the supposed “opportune” wide-embrace of the Social Web. But I am beginning to feel that it has become drowned out by what Neil Postman describes as “Amusing Ourselves to Death” (to the media of that day— and perhaps now, into our day and our media).

The Bible is anything but an “Official State Book”

April 14, 2015 By: Dale Lature G+ Category: Occupy Theology, Theoblogical

This Tennessee Law declaring the Bible to be the “Official Book” of Tennessee is something like what Jesus directly spoke out against: “Blowing your trumpet before men”. In that case, he was referring to prayer, but the idea is that one’s “faitfulness” is not something to present as “announcement”. It’s pure “showoff” and means NOTHING. Like you suggest, to DO the things that are lifted up in the Bible is the point. Not to wag our fingers and say “We believe the Bible, you’d better shape up!” How sickening and hypocritical.

(Inspired by Larry Hollon’s Facebook post here)

“More devoted to ‘order’ than to justice”

December 09, 2014 By: Theoblogical Category: Ferguson, Occupy Theology, OWS, Theoblogical