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Climate Doublespeak from Jeb

April 17, 2015 By: Dale Lature G+ Category: ecotheology, Occupy Theology, OWS

Jeb Bush: “The climate is changing and I’m concerned about that,” Bush responded. “But to be honest with you, I’m more concerned about the hollowing out of our country, the hollowing out of our industrial core, the hollowing out of our ability to compete in an increasingly competitive world.”

Oh my gosh. In other words, NO, I’m not REALLY concerned, compared to this same old “inevitable progress”, “unlimited growth” bullshit that’s coming out of the other side of my mouth as I express “concern”. What a phony “CONCERN”. And what a frightening example of the absolute inability to realize REAL LIMITS to our “Progress”.

Denominational Witness re: Climate Crisis is lacking

April 16, 2015 By: Dale Lature G+ Category: ecotheology, Occupy Theology, OWS, People's Climate

As I did back in 2011 when Occupy Wall Street put the issue of income inequality and the 1% on the public agenda,  I am looking once again at the voice of the mainline denominations on the issue of the Climate Crisis.  I have thus far looked at the home pages of the United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church USA, Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Episcopal Church USA.  None of those home pages have anything about climate issues.  If there was anything that stood out,  it was that the site features a video prayer for the earth,  in observance of Earth Day.  Even there,  the obvious opportunity to make SOME overt statement of denominational awareness of the Climate Crisis is not apparent.  I will look next at the Southern Baptist Church (which really isn’t a “Mainline” Church anymore by their own preference,  since they eschew the notion of significant ecumenical theological comradery,  but instead prefer,  at the level of denominational leadership,  to be a “Evangelical Mainline/Religious Right” Church,  deeply in lock step with mainstream conservative American politics, which satisfies itself to be “non-committal” and therefore SILENT on the issue of Climate Change.  I also need to look at American Baptist Church, Cooperative Baptists, United Chuch of Christ, Christian Church (Disciples), Mennonites, Quakers (Friends), Congregational, and Reformed,  and I’m sure I’ve left out someone else.

Tweet: RT @greenpeaceusa: Dutch citizens are suing their…

April 16, 2015 By: dlature Category: ecotheology, Occupy Theology, OWS, Theoblogical

RT @greenpeaceusa: Dutch citizens are suing their government over #climatechange inaction! // got a case here too

Blog elaborate:  I remember back when the Arab Spring was going full tilt.  I remember thinking: “So when’s our turn?” It was to come officially that fall,  in Zuccotti Park, September 17, 2011.   When will we reach that social tipping point re: the Climate Crisis to which that economic mess brought us in 2011?

The Bible is anything but an “Official State Book”

April 14, 2015 By: Dale Lature G+ Category: Occupy Theology, Theoblogical

This Tennessee Law declaring the Bible to be the “Official Book” of Tennessee is something like what Jesus directly spoke out against: “Blowing your trumpet before men”. In that case, he was referring to prayer, but the idea is that one’s “faitfulness” is not something to present as “announcement”. It’s pure “showoff” and means NOTHING. Like you suggest, to DO the things that are lifted up in the Bible is the point. Not to wag our fingers and say “We believe the Bible, you’d better shape up!” How sickening and hypocritical.

(Inspired by Larry Hollon’s Facebook post here)

@KHayhoe, Climate EcoTheology “re-programmer” for evangelicals

April 14, 2015 By: Dale Lature G+ Category: ecotheology, Occupy Theology, OWS, People's Climate

Kathryn Hayhoe is an extremely valuable voice in mainstream evangelicalism (even though her climate knowledge and convictions place her outside of that mainstream)…she has the healthy, undiluted theology (probably helped by the fact that she was outside of the American Religious Right for so long and never “learned” those outrageous associations with Right Wing political ideology.) It is sad that we are now forced to help people “shake off” those irrational , head in the sand tendencies of right wing evangelicalism and actually READ the Bible and listen to what Jesus taught.

This all came about as thought this morning because of a tweet recalling #comment-1966763207" target="_blank">a previous interview last fall with Kathryn