Denominations Home Pages and Christian Identity relating to the Climate Crisis

I looked at the various denominations’ websites Home Pages back in 2011 at the beginnings of the Occupy Movement,  to look for how seriously the various denominations took their role as prophetic voices for economic justice.  The home pages didn’t seem to reflect much of a consciousness of the importance of the economic crisis at that moment.  Now,  as Pope Continue Reading

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Why EcoEcclesia is also an OccupyTheology exercise

This post comes at the relationship between EcoEcclesia and OccupyTheology from opposite sides from the previous post.  In the previous post,  I reflected a bit upon why the Climate movement is like the Occupy movement,  springing from similar and related sets of causes (the oligarchy’s continuous drive to further consolidate power and economic stranglehold.   From another angle,  OccupyTheology is Continue Reading

Why EcoEcclesia is also OccupyTheology

I just created a post type in WordPress for EcoEcclesia.  EcoEcclesia , however,  is also OccupyTheology,  since I contend that it requires an action of “Occupying” the theologies, economies,  and spaces of the status quo to ensure that a fundamental questioning must take place.  The status quo which brought about the call to “Occupy” is no longer tenable,  and that Continue Reading

Raise our UMC voices!

I commented briefly under this article, posted to the United Methodist News Service Facebook  page,  and linked to this blog post for a longer reflection and call to action. So here is the longer version: This is SO good to see, one level. On another level,  I have been deeply concerned about the silence of the churches, most of all, our Continue Reading

Facing the real ultimate challenge

Another Facebook comment I wrote under a UMNS link (here)  on Facebook has prompted a longer reflection that seems fitting as a blog post.  It addresses the frustration I feel with the “theological obfuscation” in which  Christians are habitually engaging. “To become a church that makes disciples of Jesus Christ equipped to transform lives, communities , and the world” is hard Continue Reading

The ultimate assault upon unity

“God created all of us to dwell together in unity”  from A.M.E. Council of Bishops Demand Action to Confront Racism in the U.S. linked from UMNS Indeed. Which also includes all of creation. ALL is created to dwell in unity. The very earth works that way. When we disrupt that unity, all hell breaks loose. So we must fight all disruption. Continue Reading