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Occupy Religion: Theology of the Multitude Religion in the Modern World eBook: Joerg Rieger, Kwok Pui-lan: Kindle Store

January 15, 2014 By: Theoblogical Category: Media, Occupy Theology, OWS, Theoblogical

Occupy Religion: Theology of the Multitude Religion in the Modern World

Just downloaded the Sample,  and probably after that ,  the Kindle of the book.  Hope I can contact this guy and do a Hangout,  as well as with @nathanairplane (Nathan Schneider) of ”
Thank You, Anarchy: Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse”

No Revolution Without Religion via @KtBuddha @nathanairplane

November 24, 2013 By: Theoblogical Category: Occupy Theology, OWS

Since I’m reading Nathan Schneider’s Thank You Anarchy,  I found a couple articles on the close relationship between Occupy and Religion (how the strengths of each are modeled by the other, to put it one way)



How Occupy Wall Street got religion

A couple presentations on the politics & spirituality of Anarchism

November 20, 2013 By: Theoblogical Category: Occupy Theology, OWS

#OWS and Anarchism: w/ @Mark__Bray (Translating Anarchy) & Nathan Schneider @nathanairplane (Thank You, Anarchy)

Another observation about “participatory” media

September 16, 2013 By: Theoblogical Category: Media, Occupy Theology

Looking for info on where I might find a showing of “The99percentfilm”   I saw that an outfilt called “Participant Media” has the rights to it and are going to “air” it on Wednesday.  With a name like that,  I made the mistaken assumption that I’d be able to see it online.  But no.  They do the AJ America thing,  and provide a link to see if my local cable company has the “Pivot TV”  channel.  No such luck.  I’m on Comcast,  the largest,  in a major city,  and no luck.  So much for “Paticipatory” media.

I left this comment on their Facebook page:

so,  for those of us who cant get the channel,  why is it that Particpant Media isn’t distributing this filem online as well?  Seems to fit the “People’s Media”  concept in a way that cable TV seems to be unable/unwilling to do.  Online is the ONLY way to get a “Particpant Media” that is truly paticipatory.
– see it in its context  here 

When are people (especially those seeking to get the word out from People’s movements),  going to realize that the Cable companies and mainstream media are NOT our aliies?  To direct us to “persuade our cable companies to carry the channel”  are starting out on a dead end.  What Al Jazeera English did at the beginning was to “JUst Do It”  by going online and just doing the news on the street (as in the Arab Spring coverage that put them on the map).  This audience of folks in America WAS their audience that put pressure on American Cable to carry their broadcast channel.  But what has happened with the arrival of Al Jazeera America,  is that we immediately get the AMERICAN version ,  which is to say,  NO ONLINE coverage,  and disconnection from the Al Jazeera English videos, including all archives.  Incredible throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  Al Jazeera is off the radar in America now.  Their audience has been abandoned (the online,  “Citizen Media” advocates, sick of the corporate hegemony over the information dissemination in this country.  Now AJ would be viewers are directed to a “link” to look up their cable company and ask them to carry the “Cable Channel”. Old media at its most absolutely inane.

AlJazeera’s Stupid, Shortsighted move in America

August 26, 2013 By: Theoblogical Category: Media, Occupy Theology

This is NOT what we lobbied our cable companies to carry!!!!! You left out the part we wanted. It would have been better if you had not started with Cable for your “AJ America” brand. Not if it means this.






That’s the top pf the AlJazeera America Web Page

It’s all about TV,  as if they live in the 80′s.  But we KNOW they know better.  Why on earth don’t you launch this as a purely online venture and model how this news thing SHOULD be done,  like you were ALREADY doing so well with Al Jazeera English?  Now you’ve not only tethered yourself to Cable,  but the absolutely greedy, selfish, gouging bastards that they are.  The fast buck now (and how’s THAT going ,  since scarcely anyone can get this channel or it is exiled to the higher tiers,  far away from CNN, Fox, and MSNBC,  and even BBC) is going to sink you in what Doc Searls has called the “bowling ball” of Cable (“Bowling ball for it’s bouyancy,  which is none. See “News: Watching Cable Die”  by Doc today)

Hint, folks at AJ:  Use the same formula that got you on the map in the U.S. in the first place.  The streaming the video.  The citizen style journalism.  Remember?  The Arab Spring thing?  People were abuzz at this great news coverage you were doing,  BECAUSE IT WAS ALWAYS ON and ALWAYS AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE?    Did your supporters want a no-net, TV/Cable only version of this?  Not at all.

Let the CableCos come begging to you to produce a cable version of the kind of coverage we already know YOU KNOW how to do,  and quit fucking around with this Cable shit.  All due respect.  And I HAD quite a bit of it which is ebbing away the longer you play THEIR GAME.