“the Earth and future generations need us all right now” by @MMSwedish

“the Earth and future generations need us all right now, every gift we have to give toward turning the tide of political power in our world.” – Margaret Swedish via this from Center for New Creation on Facebook, reacting to this news :   Bonn Climate Talks Fail to Deliver Common Grounds Undermining Hopes of Meaningful Deal in Paris The world continues to Continue Reading

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The ultimate assault upon unity

“God created all of us to dwell together in unity”  from A.M.E. Council of Bishops Demand Action to Confront Racism in the U.S. linked from UMNS Indeed. Which also includes all of creation. ALL is created to dwell in unity. The very earth works that way. When we disrupt that unity, all hell breaks loose. So we must fight all disruption. Continue Reading

My challenge to UMComm and all church Communications agencies

I posted this comment to UMNS Facebook post on UMComm (United Methodist Communicaitons) ‘s 75th anniversary observance: UMComm has certainly been out there, utilizing media, telling the story, and telling lots of stories which have highlighted the church’s presence across a wide range of issues. This is something to be proud of. What I am wondering TODAY, however, is where Continue Reading

Where we find ourselves as a Church, how we got here, and where we need to go in this time of Climate Crisis.

There’s so much to say about this response to an email I sent to a denominational news website: Me: since your reply to my question about Climate Crisis coverage,  it’s been 24 days,  and I don’t think ONE article has appeared anywhere on [your main website]  Seems that the News staff might need a dedicated Climate reporter,  like many of the Continue Reading

Climate as “Topic” on Denomination’s Website?

So I see this page on UMC.org under “What We Believe” and “UMC Topics”  at http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/united-methodist-topics I scan,  see no listing for Climate Change or even Environment. So I click “Ask A Question” and submit this: I am asking this questiuon from the page http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/united-methodist-topics I want to know if “Climate Change” or “Climate Crisis” is ever going to make this list? Continue Reading