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Live Hangout on Air , Monday Night Sep. 16 on eve of #s17 for #OWS

September 12, 2013 By: Theoblogical Category: Uncategorized

I’m setting up a Live Hangout for Sep. 16th, Monday night at 8pm EST on #OWS 2 yrs in, and#OccupyTheology sense of this #S17

Some say “Occupy has disappeared”. That’s clueless.  Others ask “Where is Occupy?”  This has some definite answers. A lot is still happening.  Occupying public spaces has been declared unlawful (and the “jury” is still out on that in terms of the way many American s think about public spaces and what they are for).  But there are many other social/political spaces being occupied.  OccupyHomes  OccupySandy  and  Occupy-InsertCityHere  are actively challenging and being present to local and national issues (Moral Mondays in NC pushing back vs Voter Supression efforts).  So there’s no “absence” of Occupy.  Carol Howard Merritt,  who is one participant  Monday night,  wrote a Christian Century column “Where is Occupy” ( see here),  and observes how the Civil Right movement ,  which came to national awareness through the Bus Boycott in Montgomery,  grew and expanded BETWEEN the “big events” that are occasions for media coverage.  If anything,  our media today are even more devoted to the “flavor of the day” news coverage,  and when “coverable events” like police pepper-spraying or clearing parks are “over”,  then the “movement” is considered “absent”  and “nothing to see here”, when those of us who remain involved know this to be illusionary on the media’s part.   This are just a few of my thoughts going in,  but this conversation has no limits.  As we were saying as parks and public spaces were being cleared: “You can’t evict an idea”.

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