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Would Gandhi Disband Occupy? #occupytheology #occupyChurch HT @jtrane

December 07, 2011 By: Theoblogical Category: Occupy Theology

This is a tremendous article Jim Rice of Sojourners tweeted this morning.  I’m so sick of the Right claiming the support of true revolutionaries who are now revered.  They can’t diss these people publically,  so they rewrite them.  They do it to MLK.  They do it to Motyher Teresa.  And they do it to the Bible, God, and Jesus. Here’s the best line:

It had nothing to do with charity and everything to do with creating alternative economic and social institutions while actively resisting the dominant, dominating institutions.

These people are so blind to their status quo allegiance.  And they seem to have no concept of just WHO the “detractors” and persecuters of those movments were.  They were people JUST LIKE THEM.  I watched “The Help” last night.  And in it were those sickly sweet, venemous “nice church going women” treating their maids like utter shit (and if you’ve seen the movie,  one of them gets a good dose of that back).

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