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The Idolatry of Nationalism

September 22, 2007 By: Theoblogical Category: Uncategorized

This blogger is talking about some words from Mike Slaughter , pastor of Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church in Ohio (near Dayton)

he expressed concern for what I have often railed about myself:  the fact that churches are so subservient to the state that they fly the Christian flag below the American flag.  Or, when they are flown within the sanctuary, the American flag often occupies either the official or de facto position of authority.  If you doubt this, try taking the Christian flag out of your sanctuary and, then, after returning it, remove the American flag.  Which do you suppose will garner the largest outcry?  And, what does that tell us about American civil religion?

When the language of “country” outshines the language of the People of God (which can be seen in the emotional reactions such as described above),  something is off kilter. 

Imitatio Christi: The Idolatry of Nationalism

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2 thoughts on “The Idolatry of Nationalism

  1. Theoblogical says:

    That’s for sure. I was never enamored or impressed with it. It’s just that there’s so much more energy around national symbols than around church or Christian ones. Are you back in SanDiego now?

  2. ericisrad says:

    I, of course, would want to call into question whether or not Christians even need flags at all. His banner over me is love? :)



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