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Kindle fire wp app

March 15, 2012 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

Test post with Kindle Fire app

4 thoughts on “Kindle fire wp app

  1. Dale Lature says:

    it’s just a test post,  to see if the Kindle Fire WordPress app worked with my blog.  Not an article at all

  2. sandra says:

    Why there is no article about kindle fire wp app???? I was looking for this article and found this blog but no article here only title????

  3. Dale says:

    App wont log in to dashboard. Why,if it can post?

    1. dlature says:

      Now it will, if I log in via front page meta link. Problem with redirect back after logging in with wordpress, or Kindle Silk, or both. BROWSER behaviors on Pc are all different when dealing with WP login

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