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My next venture,,  is an effort to start helping the church and church organizations do video conversations over the Web.   Here’s my card (more below the card)

My Business Card (ver 1.0)
My Business Card (ver 1.0) April 1, 2010


Audience: Churches, church organizations, and faith-based organizations and non-profits seeking to broadcast conversations over the Web,  and connect these conversations with other social media to provide grassroots discussion and involvement.
Video Webcasting provides organizations a way to quickly and immediately connect with their consituents and enable involvement and action.

I just returned from RCC2010 (Religious Communication Congress 2010),  where I took a brand new Canon HF20 , a Shure SM58 microphone,  a couple of tripods (one traditional,  one that hung from my neck and supported the really portable 1080p HD cam from my chest.  )  I shot some miscellaneous goings on,  but my real goal was to get some reflections on the conference from various folks.  I arranged with the leaders of the workshops I attended to shoot some or all of their presentaitons,  as well as ask a few one and one questions of them at a brief meeting with them sometime after their presentations.

What I missed out on was the opportunity to walk around and ask random people (and some notso random) about their reflections on the conference,  and what their experience here might have got them thinking about re: how the church can leverage this “new media”.  Many of the workshop/seminar sessions had “SocialMedia” in their name,  as well as Web 2.0 (and even 3.0,  which really hasn’t been talked about much,  but is certainly picking up seeds for implantation from the influx of tools we are now seeing,  to give birth to a “next or evolutionary phase”  of what WILL become Web 3.0 (Matt Carlisle was the one who had us thinking about what 3.0 might be,  especially as it will impact the church.

But what I did shoot,  and what I intend to gather,  after the fact and “back home” by using some social media tools and leveraging some mobile communication like Skype,  is to continue to stick a virtual microphone in the face of church communication workers and visionaries (both professional AND lay),  and keep this conversation going  (thus the name

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