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Yikes. Scientists Say Global Warming Has Been “Hugely Underestimated”

October 20, 2014 By: Dale Lature G+ Category: ecotheology, Occupy Theology, OWS, People's Climate

Scientists Say Global Warming Has Been “Hugely Underestimated”

via As Casualties Mount, Scientists Say Global Warming Has Been “Hugely Underestimated”.

A major study recently published in New Scientist found that “scientists may have hugely underestimated the extent of global warming because temperature readings from southern hemisphere seas were inaccurate,” and said that ACD is “worse than we thought” because it is happening “faster than we realized.”

From the above mentioned study:

Comparisons of direct measurements with satellite data and climate models suggest that the oceans of the southern hemisphere have been sucking up more than twice as much of the heat trapped by our excess greenhouse gases than previously calculated

Also covered in This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate,  the improvements in climate measurement technology has opened up the sobering thought that we have yet to see additional effects,  on top of the already cataclysmic effects already being predicted.  The complexity of the ecosystem should be clue one about how much we still dont know. Now we see evidence that it may be closer than we have long thought to when the chickens come home to roost.

Occupy London, Real Democracy @PopResistance #NotDeadYet

October 20, 2014 By: Dale Lature G+ Category: Occupy Theology, OWS


Doesn’t seem to be “dead”….

As long as corporate corruption and undemocratic shenanigans continue,  the people will not continue to acquiesce. Now if only we can light a fire under our populace here in the states.

If Londoners can do this,  why can’t we?  (Answer,  we can and do,  but it needs to get persistent and un-“missable”…..the #PeoplesClimate and #FloodWallStreet for instance.  And let’s not forget HongKong and #OccupyCentral.   Come on US Citizens!  People aren’t giving up around the world.  Until they listen and take this serious,  it’s no time to stop.  We have to MOBILIZE to REVOLUTIONIZE the economy for a host of reasons.  Most seriously threatening is the urgency of climate change,  and the CHANGE that this requires (just finished Naomi Klein’s book this weekend) and then finished Tavis Smiley’s Death of a King,  about the final year of MLK’s life,  and his dedication to extending his work into the realm of the taboo for U.S. oligrachs: The Economic “guiding principles” that run this country.  MLK stepped “over the line” with that forray into the forbdden.  The forces here in support of that 1% have grown powerful and entrenched,  and they have a media to “educate” us about “the way things are” (as they want us to see it).

Naomi Klein Live – This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate – YouTube

October 19, 2014 By: Dale Lature G+ Category: ecotheology, Occupy Theology, OWS, People's Climate

Naomi Klein, the award-winning journalist and author of global best-sellers The Shock Doctrine and No Logo discusses her most provocative book yet, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate. – from the YouTube description

We’ve continued on the road of more and more emissions for 25 years since we were told by scientists that this was  a perilous road.  There WERE initially many less radical solutions legitimately on the table (as far as the science goes) at that time.  But now, Naomi says,  “The solutions have become ideologically heretical”.  The economic system cannot continue to be left as is, unchecked,  and undaunted by the scenarios that have now become glaringly (and seemingly sufficiently) obvious.

This should be scaring a lot more people than it is.  When we see people laugh off the idea that “time is running out”, we get a glimpse of the mass denial that has been tragically and criminally thrust upon us by the forces of unchecked oligarchy;  forces which care only about their continued dominance and wealth,  to the detriment of everyone (including themselves).

This is a dire ECOTHEOLOGICAL crisis,  and therefore a direct theological crisis,  for if we irresponsibly push ourselves (or allow ourselves to be PULLED) down this road of climate degradation and upheaval,  there will be no more theology for us to do.  We will have abdicated our God-given responsibility and call to be stewards of life.

via Naomi Klein Live – This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate – YouTube.

the theologically savvy army of database geeks that are thus far UNTAPPED by Church Comm orgs

October 19, 2014 By: Dale Lature G+ Category: Facebook, Theoblogical

I’m doing a lot more book reading lately,  and I post things that occur to me as I read.  Amazon could REALLY do with some big-time enhancements and apps to help communities of book readers form and converse.  One can go and find comments under nearly all of their books,  but there is nothing to enable deeper connection with people who read similar books.  They do this with sales,  and show us recommendations of books we might like ,  given our interest in a particular book.  Seems this is yet another area where the church communication organizations need to research. Another of those “Social Graph for Theological Communities” issues I am frequently writing and talking about.  These generalized community platforms don’t have the experience and knowledge re: theological taxonomies that are needed to build effective Social Graphs that would help us to leverage connections that await all of us in the mounds of data that get captured by Social Graphs of not just Facebook but others who seek to find a winning recipe of data-intensive social insights that need only to be mined by the theologically savvy army of database geeks that HAVE TO EXIST out there but have remained untapped by church technologists.

I blog in an age of Social Media /Twitter because I often desire more than RTs. I want conversation

October 19, 2014 By: Dale Lature G+ Category: Theoblogical

I blog because I fancy myself a writer. I blog in an age of Social Media /Twitter because I often desire more than RTs. I want conversation.

I’ve worked lately to improve my comment system and options for readers.  I am blogging on a regular basis again.  But the comments just aren’t coming.  What has happened? Where are people who used to be commenting even back before there were “Comment systems”.  I provided an email link.  People used it.  Then blogs came along ( I began using them in 2002,  starting with Dave Winer’s pioneering blog software, Radio Userland.  There were comments coming in all the time.  (Sadly,  I neglected to archive /backup my comments that I amassed during my Radio blog activity.  I got the notice,  and I filed it away to come back and do ,  and of course,  I forgot.  So I deeply regret that.)   As Social Media has grown,  and people “debate” on Twitter,  the responses seem to have dwindled,  down to RTs and Likes.  The large publishers and news orgs get TONS of comments (and trolls too),  and the hugely popular bloggers get them (and the trolls too).  But it doesn’t seem to happen anymore on the smaller blogs.  I also worry about how it might not be “smaller blogs” and “small traffic blogs” ,  but that I’ve lost something of my attractiveness for conversation.  I try to avoid staying in that place,  and determine to keep trying.