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Hillary Campaign Running on Fumes

April 23, 2008 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

And they act like it,  since they are drugged up on their “whopping” Pennsylvania victory,  which was yet another “huge win” that will prove to be way too little,  even WAYER too late,  for there are not enough states left to net her to within even 100 delegates of Obama.  Sorry Hil-ROD.  You smell what BARACK is cookin’? (stole that one from the candidate’s WWE spots)

after last night’s results, Clinton has gained a grand total of 5 pledged delegates from the states that have voted from March 4th on. That’s not enough to even have a remote shot of winning the pledged delegate count, and with the state with the most pledged delegates left (North Carolina, with 115) leaning heavily towards Obama…well, you get the idea.

Hillary Clinton didn’t win Pennsylvania by a big enough of margin last night – plain and simple.

Daily Kos: PA delegate allocation: Clinton 84, Obama 74 (updated)

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Pennsylvania Governor Has Pretty Low View of "Conservative Whites"

April 14, 2008 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

A good comparison test case:

let’s look at the real condescension. Let’s look at the real and ULGY form of condescension by surrogates for the Clinton campaign:

“You’ve got conservative whites here, and I think there are some whites who are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate,”

Who said that?

That was Gov. Ed Rendell who is a Clinton surrogate a and whose machine is trying to turn out the vote in Pennsylvania for CLinton.

Think about that, this is the Clinton backer and Gov. who is saying that many in his state are too racist and too backwards to vote for (gasp) a black man. Where is the outrage over that Hillary? Where are the stern condemnation and calls of apologizing for offending small town America by calling them ignorant racists who refuse to vote for a black man?

That is what real condescension sounds like. That is the type of “elitism and condescension towards hardworking Americans” which truly is “nothing short of breathtaking.”

Daily Kos: State of the Nation

Is what Rendell said true?  I would think so. Is this “elitist” or condescending?  More so,  it seems ,  than Obama’s remarks.  Is this “bitter-gate” stuff something that sounds like what a  whole lot of Democrats talk about in similar fashion?  It seems so.  Most are saying the Clintons were amongst them.  Am I very suspicious that Hillary would say,  or HAS said, to her “audience”,  the exact same kind of stuff?  Absolutely.

Obama Responds in Pennsylvania

April 14, 2008 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

Obama talks about the “bitter” flack

For it, Before She Was Against It

April 13, 2008 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

It was only a matter of time before someone notices that Hillary thought the very same things that Obama is now getting battered over;  the “unfortunate (from a Clinton perspective) proclivity to vote on life-style rather than economic issues”

What hypocrisy and political opportunism.  She disgusts me.

I have been in meetings with the Clintons and their advisors where very clinical things were said in a very-detached tone about unwillingness of working class voters to trust government — and Bill Clinton — and about their unfortunate (from a Clinton perspective) proclivity to vote on life-style rather than economic issues. To see Hillary going absolutely over the top to smash Obama for making clearly more humanly sympathetic observations in this vein, is just amazing. Even more so to see her pretending to be a gun-toting non-elite. Give us a break!

Talking Points Memo | For it, Before She Was Against It

Also,  on the “elitist” charge:

This has to be one of the few times in U.S. political history when a multi-millionaire has accused a much less wealthy fellow public servant, a person of the same party and views who made much less lucrative career choices, of “elitism”! (I won’t say the only time, because U.S. political history is full of absurdities of this sort.) In a way, it is funny — and it may not be long before the jokes start.

#333333">The attention span of those who give credence to the “elitist”
charges against Obama,  coming from someone who makes 100 times more than the one they are accusing.  Utterly amazing that this passes mustard with anyone. 

The Irony of the ‘Bitter’ Pill

April 12, 2008 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

The irony here is that the very folks who voted against their own best interests are now being encouraged to do so again by this very flack,  aimed at a candidate that is INFINITELY more likely to help them,  the “bitter” than the platitiude pushing phonies like Hillary,  and by a more sincere, yet still sickly platitude pushing McCain.  Neither of these,  the 109 million dollar Hillary,  or the Republican McCain,  who has basically sold out on much of his independent, “maverick” individuality in order to run for president,  who seems much more likely to default to the same folks that put Bush/Cheney in power.

These same urges to “vote fear” and “vote values” and “vote Christian (which still holds sway in “heart of America churches where simplistic pastors still preach Republican “values” and a “strong America” to keep America safe for democracy and Christian freedom.