Packard , the People’s Bishop by Chris Hedges #occupychurch

Chris Hedges spoke to Episcopal Bishop George Packard,  who says in a restaraunt overlooking Zucotti Park:  “The spirit is calling us now into the streets, calling us to reject the old institutional orders. ” This is the kind of Pentecost that I see coming.  And it reminds me of the warning in Revelation:  “Because you are lukewarm,  I am about to spit Continue Reading

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@Vanderbilt Historian: #OWS movement right on time in new Gilded Age

All of the interview with Vanderbilt history prof Gary Gerstle from which a clip was used in a VUCast (Vandy’s YOuTube News Channel)  is available here:! He says “second gilded age” began under Reagan.  But only now has there been much of an outcry that could be identified,  until OWS.

The elusive “message” is an easy slam when you don’t listen

I just read the follwing line in an article about Occupy: “A lot of people who came into the camp with the preconceived notion that ‘these people don’t have a message’ came by our booth and were surprised by the level of discourse there.” As I continued to hear the critiques of Occupy Wall Street that “they don’t have a clear Continue Reading

Wesley, Economic Justice, and the #OWS movement @GBCS @UMC @Sojourners

Quote from Jim Winkler,  General Secretary of UMC’s Global Board of Church and Society: “In our United Methodist Social Principles, we claim all economic systems are under the judgment of God. We believe corporations are responsible not only to their stockholders but to their other stakeholders.” Winkler believes that if alive, John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, would at Continue Reading