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Reds Done

July 21, 2008 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

The Reds have managed to turn an offensive surge,  which they haven’t had ALL YEAR,  into devastating defeat.  Their “money” closer has blown up in 2 of 3 appearances,  and has now blown 6.  After Cordero gave  up 3 runs ,  to put the Reds down 2,  the Reds load the bases with no outs. No runs.  2 strikeouts and a popup and the Reds lose in horrible fashion to the worst team in the National League.  There will be no relaxing diversion from the Reds this year.  I also have no confidence whatsoever in manager Dusty Baker.  He seems baseball strategy impaired.  And all this after Griffey FINALLY hits a homerun after about 2 weeks,  to put the Reds up two.  The Reds manage to pull the opposite of “having it together”.  NOTHING happens together for the Reds.  And I’ve made my commentary  for the Red’s baseball season this year.

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ESPN – Arkansas vs. Kentucky – Recap – February 23, 2008

February 23, 2008 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

PattersonDunk  Good game…… another rather sloppy ball-handling game and not so great shooting,  but good on the boards.

ESPN – Arkansas vs. Kentucky – Recap – February 23, 2008

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Two runs into the line from your own 2 in OT?

December 09, 2007 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

That adds up to a loss due to idiotic play calling.  Titans are now on the outside looking in for postseason.  They have Indy left AT Indy,  which will be tough unless Indy has no stake in the game,  but realistically the Titans will be 9-7 if they get the job done on the other two.  POOR, POUROUS 4th quarter defense again.  And not having a decent camera angle on the San Diego 4th down completion cost them a good shot at getting a second straight reversal.

But the play calling?  Idiotic.  No other words for it.  Same thing allowed San Diego to tie the game,  via field position gained from the Titans doing the SAME THING.  Very frustrating.

We Can’t Help Making Predictions

November 24, 2007 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

OK, after weeks of stunning upsets in College football,   I still see people making their picks (now it’s West Virginia/Kansas).  And why not?   They’re the favorites now, in control of their own destinies.  But I fully expect to see the Big 12 knock each other out (Oklahoma could well knock off that  KU-Mizzou winner,  thus keeping out the Big 12 all together,  and opening the door for Ohio State.  West Virginia also has 2 games to play,  against #20 UConn,  and then Pittsburgh (UConn seems to be no pushover).  If WVa loses, then if Ky. beats Tennessee and Georgia beats Ga. Tech,  getting the Dogs into the SEC championship and they win there,  they could be the opponent against Ohio State.  That would be wild.  Even the favorites right now, W.Va/Kansas would be a totally unpredictable BCS championship.

The Easy Scenario-Maybe?

November 17, 2007 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

If LSU wins out and Kansas OR Oklahoma OR Missouri win out,  then it’s LSU vs the Big 12 winner. The other teams,  Ohio State, West Virginia, Georgia,  and Arizona State have to hope for Oklahoma to lose one of their last two games and then beat Mizzou or Kansas,  effectively knocking the Big 12 threesome out (by then,  Kansas OR MIzzou will have lost to the other).  Wet Virginia is the next highest ranked team.  They play tonight in Cincinnati.  If they fall,  and Georgia (if they win out and if Tennessee loses tonight or next week against Kentucky)  beats LSU in the championship, then their SEC championship might get them ahead of Arizona State EVEN if State wins out (which is not a certainty….State plays USC tonight.

Still crazy.  The LSU/Big 12 matchup is the favorite right now.  (LSU is getting played tough by Ole Miss,  and then they have Arkansas in LSU next week)