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From CNN: The Gospel according to Obama #OWS #PublicTheology #OccupyChurch

October 22, 2012 By: Theoblogical Category: Occupy Theology, OWS

The CNN blog post destined to draw tons of comments:

I just did a Google Search on that title and the number two result is frlom godlikeproductions where the author simply reacts aloud:  “Is CNN Serious?”  obviously addressing the choir of folks who consider Obama to be ,  like the author his/herself says,  an “AntiChrist”.

The Christian Right is all over this,   proclaiming how “unBiblical” Obama is,  as they merrily strip the Bible of it’s “communal” and “peaceful” content and turn into a Right wing , Nationalistic treatise,  complete with the bliessing of the “Christian forefathers” (whom,  if they bothered to read them,  would draw the same “anti-Biblical” accusations rage from these same folks.  The “Founders” did not come close to speaking their language.  And Obama does it better than W. ever did.  W. Bush was often dodging theological quesitons,  a far cry from the dogmatic, self-assured claims of many who call themselves “Bible-believing Christians”.

I am not an Obama “supporter” at all.  I am deeply disappointedf in many ways in how politically tepid he has been,  at least in terms of what he COULD say with his bully pulpit.  I know that any of the things I might have considered to be “Obama platform circa 2008” would suffer the same obstructionist fate at the hands of the insane GOP leadership. But there has been a lot of letting Wall Street and the banks slide,  when they could have brought some demands to them that even the financial sector leadership were expecting.  So I am not simply joining a chorus of counter strikes to defend Obama’s faith.  I simply see through the ideological motives of the Religious Right.  That they can even allow themselves to support someone who claims adherence to what most of them consider a “cult” is flag number one.  But then again,  I’ve always known this ideology is primarily political and not theological.  They are totally captured by Republican Right Wing ideology,  made stronger by a shared animosity toward liberalism, Democratic party ideology (as they portray it)  and yes,  outright racism (I’ve heard them…’s not unfounded to realize that there are numerous outspoiken racists who are full-throated Right wingers,  even more vocal because they can ridicule Obama. )

As the article explores,  by inlcluding thoughts of “others” such as Diana Butler-Bass,  there is a quite sizeable chunk of Christians whose thought and theology is independent of Nationalism,  and has no problem with putting their “Biblical values” over those of a syncretism of American Nationalism with a “Biblical worldview” that begins with those Nationalistic assumptions.   It’s a tendency with all nationalisms when they employ the support of the religious hearts of their citizens.  It’s happened for centuries.

It is an “OccupyTheology” issue because it raises the questions of howwe can see a ideological kinship with those supporting the Occupy Movement, and therefore be Occupy supporters ourselves.  It’s raising the quesiton of how Biblical values can and often diverge from “American values” when the latter is captured by economic interests and propagandized by use of religious rhetoric.  So it has become part of the Religius Right rhetoric to ridicule the Occupy movement as a bunch of dirty, stinky hippies who make no sense (since they refuse to hear the Occupy message that these “dirty” people bring).  And to critique the United States and it’s sacred “Free Market” is taken as some sort of blasphemy,  somehow forgetting (or never being taught) that Jesus spoke more about money and the problems of the rich than he did about abortion (of which he , in fact,  NEVER spoke).

Jesus himself promoted what the Right is claiming is “class warfare”.  Jesus would likely be treated more like they treat the Occupy movement folks (and was treated that way by the Religious leadership of his day),  except they apparently took Jesus somewhat seriously as a threat that he just might engender the tyype of change that would threaten that which they thought they were protecting.

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Researching WordPress Custom Post Types and RSS feed/Calendar issues #WPcustomPostTypes

November 29, 2011 By: Theoblogical Category: Wordpress

As I have begun doing posts of type “occupytheology”,  I see that the RSS feed does not include them.  I was hoping for an option somewhere,  but it seems WP still hasn’t done much to make the Custom Post Types “administer-able” without Plugins.  I found a Calendar widget for Custom Post Types,  but the links to the Date Archive don’t work ;  assumedly because there  is no Date Archive for Custom Post Types without even further WP code geek-ery. 

So this is my task today.  I am also looking for a “Live Writer” type solution to making Custom Post Type postings.  Right now,  I have to use the WP admin for that.  I’d like to find some sort of “PressThis” type of bookmark that gives me the option to specify what kind of post I am doing. 

Any hints on any of this would be greatly appreciated.

WordPress iPhone App Updated

February 01, 2011 By: Theoblogical Category: Wordpress

They finally fixed it, writing a new post now

Blog Conversion to Thesis @wpthesis @IntenseDebate

January 27, 2010 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

I finally got ALMOST what I wanted with my Blog transformation into the Thesis theme.  I was able to duplicate my Pages/SubPages display preferences by using Widget Logic,  which gave me a way to display any widget based on conditional statements.

What I want to find now (or learn to understand) is to display or not display entire sidebars (because if I remove all the widgets from a sidebar,  the sidebar width stays.  (thought:  maybe CSS could let me change width to 0 if there is no content in the sidebar).

I also installed Intense Debate for commenting,  believing that it had the ability to auto approve previously approved comments that had been submitted via Twitter or Facebook.  Another developer had recommended Intense Debate when asked about a third party login solution for auto-approving previously approved users.   I found that Intense Debate does not yet do this.  They (Intense Debate") say they are working on this. 

Looking for Custom Sidebars for WordPress “Pages” @wp @thesis

January 25, 2010 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

I installed the WordPress “Thesis” theme this weekend.   I was hoping for some easily customizable sidebars for use with PAGES.  Here’s why.   I have (in my now inactive K2 theme)  some custom sidebar.php files for three types of pages. The “Pages” I created have to do with “Church of the Saviour” ,  which was represented on my homepage by a TAB in between the “Home or Blog”  tab and the “Old Sites of Mine” tab.  Under that page,  I have three pages.  One is an interview with the founding pastor and his wife.  The other two pages each have several pages under them.  They are “books” that I got permission from COS folks to put online.  Each book has several pages.

I was hoping I could have a custom sidebar with the three top level pages links in the sidebar (and perhaps drop down or indented links to subpages under the two book pages.   And then, in the sidebar on the two book pages,  the subpages under each,  possibly with an indication in the list as to which page one is presently viewing (like graying out of the link or something equally apparent). 

Hope I can find such a plugin that would let me do this,  or something that doesn’t require some knowledge of the “hooks” and the custom_functions file. 

I may be doing a temporary measure to re-open those Church of the Saviour Pages (creating the nav drop downs to display all the pages and omit the sidebars on those pages (which can all be done via the Thesis admin interface)….and I’m also going to deepen my knowledge of WordPress and its php functions (as well as some of the techniques used by Thesis).   But until then,  I am on the hunt for some plugin goodness.