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Interesting Blog conversation feature #wiredchurch

April 04, 2011 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

I just noticed that my blog post showed up as a comment under Jeff Jarvis’ blog post on Huffington and the New York Times.   This looks like a trackback feature,  but I wasn’t aware that WordPress blogs (which Jarvis’ BuzzMachine blog  also is)  did that automatically.  But it made me think about how nice it will be when we have a more widespread set of functions which enable comments elsewhere to show up in the blog comments of the originating post.  Like here,  where someone might comment in Jeff Jarvis’ BuzzMachine post to the comment entry coming from my blog post’s reference  to this  post,  and that comment would also show up under my post,  since it  would be in essence a comment on my post.  I’ve seen tools like for Twitter posts that reference blog posts (WordPress plugin,  but that plugin didn’t work for some reason).  But this is a hopeful sign of the possibilities for continued  conversational integration between all of the Web’s “social spaces”. 

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