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I like that: “The theater of objectivity” So does @jeffjarvis

November 07, 2010 By: Theoblogical Category: Theoblogical

A commenter, Steve , on Jeff Jarvis’ post about the s0-called “objectivity” that MSNBC wants to “protect” by suspending Olbermann

The theatre of objectivity hides truth and promotes the myth of non-existent, phony balance. The script for the lead actors is full of “on the one hand” and ” to be fair here” and the other side of the questions is…” What nonsense.

Time to stop hiding « BuzzMachine

More from Steve (trying to find out his “handle” or whatever):

Never, ever SAY you are being objective. Talk truth and get real about our social and political human nature.

I know that truth can also be performed. But raw, open, honest transparency is the only way to work toward the most authentic truth.

The moment Fox started pushing their "fair and balanced" meme, was probably near the moment I began becoming convinced that they were not. The furthest back I can remember watching Fox News with any regularity was during the 2000 elections,  and I was noticing the way they covered them. I actually don’t remember when they started subtitling themselves with “Fair and Balanced”.

This latest stunt by MSNBC is cause only for the suspicions to arise that they’re only “acting”.  (The Saturday Night Live skit with the Thespians with Jon Lovitz shouting “Hah! Acting!”)

4 thoughts on “I like that: “The theater of objectivity” So does @jeffjarvis

  1. Steve Gorelick says:

    Hi. It's me. I'm the Steve, Thanks.

    1. dlature says:

      Hey, Steve. Thanks for the comment. Loved what you had to say on that Jarvis post, of course. Are you a prof or a student at CUNY?

    2. dlature says:

      aha, found that you are Prof of Media Studies, Hunter College, CUNY.

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